World Court decision gives Colombia the San Andres Archipelago, Nicaragua the surrounding waters

isla-de-san-andres-colombia.jpgPresident Daniel Ortega and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos met for 15-20 minutes on Dec. 1 in Mexico City where they had both attended the inauguration of Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto. The two discussed the Nov. 19 ruling of the International Court of Justice which, while it gave the islands of the San Andres archipelago to Colombia, assigned to Nicaragua control between 60 and 100,000 square kilometers of waters on the country's continental shelf. On Nov. 28 Santos had announced that Colombia would not accept the ruling and was withdrawing from the 1948 Pact of Bogota which committed most Western Hemisphere countries to abide by World Court rulings. To read the updates by the Nicaragua Network, go here:

For the historical background of the case, we recommend a new article from the web page Tortilla con sal:

After 80 years Nicaragua recovers its legitimate maritime rights
toni solo, November 23rd 2012

November 19th is a new date for Nicaraguan and Colombian school children to remember in future history classes. On that day this year, the International Court of Justice confirmed Colombia's sovereign rights over the Caribbean island of San Andres and the nearby islets and keys. But the court also confirmed Nicaragua's maritime rights, usurped by force by Colombia ever since 1928.

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