Over 40 Years of Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Network has been organizing in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua since February of 1979, five months before the July 19, 1979, triumph of the Sandinista Revolution! The Network was founded to support the popular struggle to overthrow the 45 year US-supported Somoza family dictatorship, and after the July 19 victory, to support the efforts of the Sandinista Revolution to provide a better life for the nation’s people. Since then, the Network has been a leading organization in the United States committed to social and economic justice for Nicaragua, Latin America and the world, based on respect for sovereignty and self-determination. The Network advocates for sound U.S. foreign policies that respect human rights and international law. The Nicaragua Network provides information and organizing tools to solidarity, sister city, and peace and justice activists across the U.S. and around the world.

The historic work of the Nicaragua Network stood on three pillars of organizing: 1) Educating activists, office holders and opinion leaders including the media about the damaging and immoral effects of US policy; 2) People-to-People exchanges such as delegations and volunteer work brigades and Nicaraguan speakers to the US to build personal connections for peace and friendship; and 3) humanitarian aid to materially counter the economic destruction of US war and sanctions.

In the late 1990s the Nicaragua Network’s work had expanded far beyond the borders of Nicaragua as neoliberalism, or “savage capitalism” as Pope John Paul II called it, ravaged not just Nicaragua, but all countries including our own. Like-minded groups joined us and we renamed ourselves Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ). The Nicaragua Network turned its assets and tax-exempt status over to the new entity and became a project of the AFGJ.

Today, Nicaragua Network continues to provide one of the few English-language sources of news and analysis about Nicaragua to counter the still intense efforts of the US government to stamp out the Sandinista Revolution and foment regime change in the Hemisphere’s second poorest country. You can subscribe to our weekly NicaNotes blog and news briefs here: https://afgj.org/signup. We also publish reports and e-books in cooperation with our sister organization, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign in Great Britain, and a network of US and UK activists based in Nicaragua. Our support today, as it has been since 1979, is for the people of Nicaragua as expressed through advances of the Sandinista Revolution.

To contact the Nicaragua Network by email, write to nicanet@afgj.org.
We can also be contacted by phone at 202-540-8336 (ext. 1) or by mail
at 225 E. 26th St., Ste. 1, Tucson, AZ 85713.