Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 16, 2014)

1. Nicaragua celebrates Independence Day and anniversary of Battle of San Jacinto
2. National Police celebrates 35th anniversary of its founding
3. Experts to study whether explosion was due to meteorite
4. Academy of Science holds conference on canal
5. Businesspeople make proposals on National Day of Entrepreneur
6. National Assembly to address mining regulations
7. Cattle industry works to create a “brand name” for Nicaraguan beef
8. Nicaragua presents “sustainable schools” program at FAO regional conference

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 9, 2014)

1. Government works to increase mine safety following Bonanza tragedy
2. Nicaragua to be “malaria free” by 2020
3. Drought slams sales of fertilizers and agrochemicals
4. Army celebrates 35th anniversary
5. Nicaragua signs agreements for oil exploration in the Pacific
6. Artificial reefs and mangrove reforestation improve the environment
7. Mystery explosion in Managua turns out to be a meteor
8. Economic Briefs

Government works to increase mine safety following Bonanza tragedy

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 2, 2014)

1. Twenty miners rescued from collapsed gold mine; search suspended for seven still trapped
2. National Assembly approves budget reforms
3. Nicaraguan business sees little prospect US Congress will renew TPL this year
4. Exports on track to exceed record set in 2012
5. Census and Environmental study of canal route in progress
6. Drug traffickers arrested in region-wide operation
7. Drug trafficking has impact on south Caribbean Coast
8. Japanese financed border bridge inaugurated

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (August 26, 2014)

1. Government decides not to declare emergency for drought
2. Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras sign development accord for Gulf of Fonseca
3. Gallup rates Nicaragua and Panama highest in “perceived security”
4. Nicaragua called a “green energy powerhouse”
5. Tumarin & Boboke hydroelectric plants confirmed
6. Nicaragua may send medical brigade to Gaza
7. Earthquake alert issued for Chinandega
8. Casa Maternas to benefit from Healthy Yards

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (August 19, 2014)

1. Case of July 19th attackers moved to Managua
2. Colombia asks World Court to declare Nicaraguan claim “inadmissible”
3. Mining conference calls attention to Nicaragua’s success; protest march highlights problems
4. International media outlets discuss feasibility of Nicaraguan shipping canal
5. Jurists clarify Law 779 regulations; women’s groups protest changes to definition of “femicide”
6. End of US TPL could cost 30,000 Nicaraguan textile workers their jobs
7. Nicaragua celebrates navy anniversary amid moves to modernize
8. First large group of sea turtles arrives at Chacocente

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (August 12, 2014)

1. Police present eight men accused of July 19th massacre
2. Tropical depressions bring some rain but drought continues
3. Regulations of Law 779 change parameters of “femicide”
4. Nicaragua benefits most from CAFTA
5. Juan Bautista Arrien, long-time UNESCO representative, dies at 83
6. PLI and PLC sign unity pact
7. United States donates rapid vessels to Nicaraguan navy

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (August 5, 2014)

1. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visits Nicaragua; praises government
2. United States extends property waiver for 2014-15
3. Investigations continue into July 19th killings
4. Census of communities and families on canal route planned
5. Pope Francis ends suspension of Fr. Miguel D’Escoto imposed by John Paul II

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TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014

Nicaragua News Bulletin (July 29, 2014)

1. Four accused of participation in tragic events of July 19
2. Coffee growers dealing with coffee rust
3. Indigenous meet with government about removal of settlers from their lands
4. Cattle ranchers confronting drought
5. International support for green energy
6. Forbes Centroamérica magazine celebrates Nicaragua’s economic growth
7. 200,000 have bought subsidized homes

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TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

Nicaragua News Bulletin (July 22, 2014)

1. Hundreds of thousands celebrate 35th anniversary of revolution; return home marred by attacks
2. Five people killed when buses attacked after July 19 celebrations; several persons detained
3. Canal Commission and HKND Group begin consultations with communities
4. Women protest at Supreme Court in Managua; Opposition groups protest at Electoral Council
5. Nicaraguan team wins Pan American “little league” defeating US
6. UN official tours Nicaragua’s small-scale agricultural sector
7. Family remittances continue to grow
8. San Juan del Sur anticipates sea turtle arrivals

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TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014

Nicaragua News Bulletin (July 15, 2014)

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin stops for a quick visit to Nicaragua
2. Information on environmental impact of canal released
3. Ortega meets with World Bank and US Chamber of Commerce representatives
4. Economic Briefs: Basic basket, Social Security, and Better Work
5. Two Chikungunya cases confirmed
6. Ortega offers solidarity to Palestine and Argentina

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