Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 27, 2015)

1. Canal briefs: concern about delay in studies; protests continue; Ramsar representatives visit
2. Demands continue for lower electricity bills
3. Backpack bomb explodes in Pantasma, killing two; another dies from gunshot wounds
4. Head of UN Office on Drugs and Crime visits Nicaragua
5. Extreme alert for Chikungunya
6. CARUNA to provide US$40 million in small production loans
7. Managua to improve storm drainage system
8. Government opens two tourist restaurants featuring Nicaraguan food and coffee
9. Ortega congratulates new Greek prime minister

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 20, 2015)

1. Registration begins for 2015 school year
2. New poll released by M&R Consultores
3. Russia’s highest ranking woman political figure visits Nicaragua
4. US State Department gives Nicaragua low ratings on transparency
5. Opposition in Assembly introduces bill to lower energy rates
6. Ombudsperson for Sexual Diversity says police do not protect LGBT citizens
7. Nicaragua cost of basic food products second lowest in Central America
8. Compensation announced for some former banana workers poisoned by Nemagon
9. Police to crack down on bars and slot machine establishments

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 13, 2015)

1. Canal briefs: route modification, jobs, US and HKND on transparency, Al Jazeera English
2. Government outlines commitments for 2015
3. High winds cause power outages and fires and halt boat transportation
4. Government continues to prepare for natural disasters and forest fires
5. 2014 femicides reported
6. Clean energy production exceeds early estimates

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 6, 2015)

(This Bulletin covers two weeks—from Dec. 23 through Jan. 5.)

1. Confrontation between canal protesters and police on Christmas Eve leaves 21 injured
2. Nicaraguans celebrate Christmas and the New Year
3. Central Bank gives preliminary report on economic progress in 2014
4. Felipe Urrutia, singer, songwriter, and collector of Nicaragua’s traditional music dies
5. Electrification and affordable housing make gains in 2014
6. Indigenous Mayangna highlight continued threat to Bosawas Reserve
7. Nicaragua is a leader in green energy production
8. Cecocafen’s 17 years of service celebrated
9. Fortieth anniversary of Operation Victorious December marked

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 23, 2014)

1. Government and HKND hold “symbolic” inauguration of canal construction
2. Ros-Lehtinen calls for sanctions against Nicaragua
3. Nicaragua celebrates release of Cuban Five; normalization of Cuba/US diplomatic relations
4. Bishops say “ideology of gender” leads to degradation and perdition
5. Bilwi neighborhoods to receive potable water
6. Economic briefs: food crops and energy

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 16, 2014)

1. Fishing boat with 50 aboard capsizes in storm: two dead, 17 missing and feared dead
2. Canal news: anti-canal march; bishops learn more; HKND meets with businesses and unions
3. ALBA celebrates tenth anniversary at Havana summit
4. Voter identification cards expiration date extended through 2017
5. Earthquake drills prepare Nicaragua for possible killer earthquake
6. Low income housing makes strides in 2014
7. Delegation from San Andres meets with Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast residents
8. Changes to tax law pass in Assembly

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 9, 2014)

1. Nicaragua celebrates Purísima with no one burned from fireworks
2. Government will not extend life of official ID cards past Dec. 31st
3. Power generating windmill explodes and collapses, causing blackout
4. Heritage Seed Alliance highlights success in organic farming
5. Social policy issues briefs: English teachers, domestic violence shelters, Chikungunya
6. Economic briefs: exotic fish, cane workers, drones
7. Nicaragua reads declaration at Peru climate change talks
8. Transparency International releases Index

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 2, 2014)

1. National Assembly passes 2015 budget
2. Canal briefs: Wang Jing visits, bidding for roads vacated, canal supporters march, bishop speaks
3. Women march against violence in Managua
4. Four artisanal miners die in mine collapse
5. World AIDS Day marked in Nicaragua
6. Nicaragua to keep working to renew TPL
7. Economic briefs: roads, seafood, cattle and cruise ships
8. 1972 earthquake buildings inhabitants finally get homes of their own
9. Drought devastated farmers capture tarantulas for export

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (November 25, 2014)

1. HKND presents results of progress on canal studies
2. Colombian President Santos calls for accord with Nicaragua
3. New Family Code explained
4. Cuban Five’s Fernando Gonzalez visits Nicaragua
5. Nicaragua addresses hunger conference in Rome
6. Tourism grows around sea turtle preservation and nesting
7. New York consulate to help Nicaraguan migrants

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (November 18, 2014)

1. Another dispute arises over San Juan River dredging
2. Weeklong conflict over indigenous land includes hostages, roadblocks, and one death
3. Scientific conference presents concerns about canal
4. FIDEG study shows reduction of poverty slowed in 2013
5. Biogas program benefits thousands of rural families
6. Solid waste management remains a problem
7. UNAN to offer a seismology degree

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