Reports on the Nicaragua Climate Change Delegation

Climate Change, Water, and Sustainability

June 10 - 21, 2013

On June 21, the members of the Nicaragua Network Climate Change delegation returned to the US.  They had been in Nicaragua at a momentous time.  On June 14, in the middle of their stay in Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega and Hong Kong businessman signed an agreement to begin feasibility studies on a shipping canal across Nicaragua and, if the studies are positive, build an estimated US$40 billion multifaceted project that will change Nicaragua for ever.  

Bruce Wilkinson and Susan Lagos both wrote reports on their time in Nicaragua.  

Wilkinson writes:

"This June the Nicaragua Network delegation of seven people lead by Paul Baker, went down to explore the country's efforts around Climate Change, Water and Sustainability. The entire world is facing huge climate change challenges and the poorest countries that caused the least greenhouse gases (Nicaragua is responsible for 0.03% of the world’s greenhouse gases) are burdened often with the most negative effects. For Nicaragua this means less water and rising temperatures with coffee producing regions, for example, shrinking to a much, much smaller section of the country."  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE.

Lagos writes:

We recently concluded a fascinating trip organized by the Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice and led by Paul Baker.  As a Nicaraguan resident, I was glad to be able to visit projects that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see, where I met people very dedicated to improving the care given to Mother Earth here.  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE.

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