Week of Action against Fast Track for the TPP!

The Nicaragua Network urges you to participate in the campaign to stop Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Read more below!

Week of Action against Fast Track for the TPP * November 8 - 14, 2014

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Birding in Nicaragua -- February 28 - March 9, 2015

Birding in Nicaragua -- February 28 - March 9, 2015

Organized by El Porvenir

The Nicaragua Network is happy to post this announcement about a wonderful opportunity to visit nature reserves, islands, and volcanoes for eight days of birding!

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New film revives contra-cocaine scandal!

The film "Kill the Messenger" exposes the mainstream media's role in covering up the "contra-cocaine" scandal of the 1990s in which the Nicaragua Network and other solidarity groups joined with African Americans to push Congress not to brush the evidence of the CIA's drug involvement under the rug. Journalist Robert Parry, an expert on these issues, writes about how the New York Times finally is recognizing its immoral and deadly role. (Photo shows journalist Gary Webb with his boxes of research materials.)

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CIA helped get profits from crack epidemic to contras!


Nicaragua Monitor
Sept.-Oct. 1996

CIA sent profits from crack epidemic to contras!
By Katherine Hoyt

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Nicaragua, ALBA, and Climate Change: The Promise of a Good Example

Paul Baker’s Fall USA Tour --  November 5-25, 2014

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For almost forty years UK-born musician/organizer Paul Baker and his Nicaraguan wife Fátima Hernández have worked pro bono with the Chilean, Salvadoran and Nicaraguan peoples, as Paul puts it, "Surviving by skin of teeth and seat of pants. Quite a ride, but it's exciting (if tough on 'trousers'!), sharing life with people who drop into bed not knowing if there'll be food for tomorrow, yet always greeting you next day smiling, their children washed, pressed and ready for school. Fátima herself is a barrio girl, a guerrillera at 13 who fought the Somoza dictatorship to bring Nicaragua justice.  She's worked on in barrio health and education ever since, and now primarily cares for severely burned children. It's wonderful to work with her/her compañer@s. Thanks to them/their FSLN government, after years of neo-liberal regimes killing land reform, destroying health and education, Nicaragua is the 'threat of a good example' once again."

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Action alert: Demand Franciscan foundation cancel Oliver North as keynote speaker!

On Sept. 13, 2014, convicted Iran-Contra criminal Oliver North will be the key-note speaker at a Dallas, Texas, dinner organized by the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land to benefit persecuted Christians in the Middle East!

Any of us who worked to stop Reagan’s contra war have the right to ask, “What about all those Christians who died in Nicaragua in the 1980s victims of the weapons and supplies that Oliver North illegally sent to the contras fighting to overthrow the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua?” The only reason North did not serve time in jail after he was convicted of violating US law was because the extensive coverage of the Iran-Contra Hearings in Congress was ruled by an appeals court to have prejudiced the jury against him!

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Support Kickstarter funding for Memorias del Fuego!

Memorias Del Fuego is a feature-length documentary film about the disappearing stories of women who fought to win Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution. The first portion, in which the filmmakers interviewed former Sandinista commanders, couriers, and journalists, was shot without any funding, but the project is raising funds to be able to return and capture the stories of female combatants from rural areas and FSLN party members.

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Help the People of Gaza!

The Alliance for Global Justice (of which the Nicaragua Network is the founding project) is launching “Friends of the Palestine Red Crescent Society” a project intended to fundraise for medical and humanitarian aid to Palestine from the United States. Please visit the web site at:

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MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014

Nicaragua Network sends sympathy letter to President Ortega after attack on buses

The Nicaragua Network laments and condemns the brutal attacks by armed men on two busses carrying people home from the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Revolution in Managua. Five people were killed and 19 wounded in the two attacks which took place at Km. 75 on the highway from Managua to Matagalpa and on the road from San Ramon to El Jobo, both in the Department of Matagalpa.

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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014

Nicaragua Vive! 35 years since the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution

By Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice

July 19, 2014 marks the 35th anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. On that day, the Sandinista troops led by the nine commanders of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN), entered the capital city of Managua where they were greeted by hundreds of thousands of jubilant Nicaraguans. The triumphant guerrillas found a country in ruins. The last dictator, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, had bombed the cities during the final offensive. When he fled the country two days earlier, he took not only the caskets containing his parents remains, but all the money in the national treasury as well. The Sandinistas were left with no money and a $1.9 billion international debt.

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