Nicaragua Network: 36 Years of Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua

In February the Nicaragua Network will celebrate 37 years of work to build peace and friendship between the people of Nicaragua and the United States. We were founded on Feb. 24, 1979, in solidarity with the struggle of the Nicaraguan people to overthrow the dictator Somoza. We educated people about the Sandinista Revolution in the 1980s with our telephone Hotline and other publications. We organized against US aid to the contras, helping match the lethal aid the Congress appropriated with humanitarian aid to provide education and healthcare. We took tens of thousands of US residents to Nicaragua to pick coffee and cotton, to build houses, schools and health centers. We brought Nicaraguans to the US to educate our neighbors.

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After the US-engineered and paid for electoral defeat of 1990, many Nicaragua solidarity groups faded away. The Nicaragua Network continues today to fight along with our Nicaraguan friends to defend the gains of the Sandinista Revolution. Since 2006, when voters returned the Sandinistas to power, the Nicaragua Network has been at work to explain to people in the US about the poverty reduction, economic development, renewable energy, and participatory democracy advances that have earned Nicaragua the praise of international organizations from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (for advances in food security) to the World Bank (for effective execution of projects). We see what a difference it can make for a small country to have a government with a “preferential option for the poor.”

Today the Nicaragua Network continues to take educational delegations to Nicaragua—this past year it was a bi-national delegation to Nicaragua and Honduras which highlighted the marked differences between the two countries.  We publish the only weekly English-language summary of the news from Nicaragua – the Nicaragua News Bulletin – which is the successor to the ancient telephone Hotline. We continue to participate in coalitions (such as the one to stop the TPP) and get out information for activists through our web page at www.nicanet.org, Facebook page, and e-mail list.

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