Food Sovereignty & Agroecology in Nicaragua Delegation: January 3rd – 13th, 2019

Since its founding in 1978, the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (ATC) has trained, organized, and fought for the rights of Nicaraguan farmworkers and small-scale producers. Today the ATC, a member organization of La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement that represents over 200 million people, is a vital voice and actor in the global struggle to build alternatives to neoliberal economic policies, free trade agreements, and agribusiness corporations.

The Friends of the ATC — a solidarity network that supports the ATC and La Vía Campesina as they promote food sovereignty and agroecology in Nicaragua and internationally — invites you to join our January delegation. We will tour agricultural cooperatives and agroecological schools, meet with peasant-, youth-, and women-led organizations, and help with various installations and work projects. Through these exchanges and our rural homestays, we will learn about not only food sovereignty and agroecology, but also popular education, feminism, and socialism in Nicaragua.

This delegation will be a unique and important opportunity to study Nicaragua’s contemporary political context. We will also collaborate on how we can collectively build international solidarity, clarify Nicaragua’s current crisis, and spread the reach of the Friends of the ATC in the United States. 

Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

When: Thursday, January 3rd to Sunday, January 13th, 2019.

Where: We will begin and end our trip in the city of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital. We will visit urban and rural communities throughout the country, including in the mountainous regions and the Pacific Coast.

Who: Curious about or committed to agroecology, food sovereignty, and/or Latin American solidarity? We’d love for you to travel with us! Most of all, we want delegates who wish to extend this experience to their own communities upon returning home.

Cost: $1500 ($1000 for low-income individuals). Trip fee includes lodging, meals, in-country transport, translation, and staff coordination. You are responsible for international arrival (or other travel plans to Nicaragua) and personal expenses. Limited scholarships are available. We can provide ideas to help delegates fundraise to cover their trip fee.

To Participate: Email for a delegation application. Applications are due by November 15th, 2018.

This delegation is organized by the Friends of the ATC solidarity network along with the ATC, La Via Campesina Nicaragua, Alliance for Global Justice, and Compas de Nicaragua.

For more information, download the Delegation Flyer 


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