Nicaragua News Bulletin (October 6, 2015)

1. Colombia and Nicaragua before the World Court – Again!
2. Canal survey plane crashes, killing pilot; media blitz on release of enviro study and Wang Jing’s finances
3. Latinobarometro poll shows best numbers in countries with left governments
4. Health Ministry declares war on mosquito-borne illnesses
5. Ortega calls for UN reforms and developed country commitments to meet development goals
6. Leader of sect awaiting end of world arrested
7. Campaign to keep pregnant teenagers in school
8. Children with handicaps benefit from riding rescued horses at La Mariposa
9. Trash to biofuel concession approved in Managua

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Paul Baker Hernandez East Coast Tour

“One Planet: One People. Inter-Dependence Now!
Refugees, Global Warming and the Dawn of Hope"

DECEMBER 8th – DECEMBER 27th, 2015

As the gathering storm of refugees fleeing war, rapine and global warming is met with ever-increasing fear and force by the West, ALBA--Latin America’s Fair Trade block based on mutual respect, financial democratization and care for the planet--offers an already-successful and humane way through the maelstrom - largely self-inflicted though it is through unjust trade and predatory violence. No wonder 'ALBA' translates as 'Dawn'! 

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Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA)

The Nicaragua Network has received this excellent and timely new report on ALBA from the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign of the United Kingdom!

Fair Trade, Cooperation, and Solidarity

Millions around the world are protesting against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and against TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Why? Because of the power that these so-called ‘free trade’ agreements will give transnational corporations: power to sue governments, to privatise public services, to sack workers, to reduce environmental protection, and to undermine democracy.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 29, 2015)

1. Canal environmental report presented to public; four further studies ordered
2. Telica Volcano erupts
3. Lawyers’ licenses suspended for involvement in illegal sale of Miskito lands
4. Continuing drought is punctuated by heavy rains and flooding
5. ECLAC praises Nicaragua’s achievement in the battle against hunger
6. Nearly 16,000 turtles nest at La Flor Wildlife Refuge
7. Agriculture conference calls for regional coordination to confront climate change

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 22, 2015)

1. More casualties in indigenous land struggle; Assembly lifts Brooklyn Rivera’s legislative immunity
2. Series of tremblers affects El Sauce and Achuapa
3. Praise for Ambassador Powers as she leaves
4. CID Gallup releases new poll
5. Food supply and agro-exports fine despite rumors
6. Malnutrition continues to decline
7. Housing fair exceeds expectations

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 15, 2015)

1. Violence continues in North Caribbean Autonomous Region
2. Nicaragua celebrates Independence Day holidays
3. Nicaragua continues to reduce infant mortality ahead of other nations
4. Business news: Entrepreneur Day and Carlos Slim visit
5. Crime news: Matamoros pleads guilty; homicide rate down further
6. ENACAL expands street and public area lighting and free internet
7. New street improvements forget pedestrians, including President Ortega

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9 Ways the TPP Is Bad for Developing Countries

The Nicaragua Network has received this important article from the Citizens Trade Campaign.

The TPP is supposed to create a level playing field for trade. Instead, it unfairly shackles developing economies.

By Rick Rowden  

Published on foreignpolicy.com on July 7, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a major new trade agreement under negotiation among 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region — received a shot in the arm in the United States at the end of June when Congress voted to grant President Barack Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate it. The TPP has fueled considerable dispute. Reasons for this include the secrecy with which talks have been conducted, the agreement’s potential effects on U.S. jobs and growth, and its geopolitical implications. But one issue that has received comparatively little attention is how the TPP is likely to impact the developing countries slated to join.

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Nicaragua and the Inter-Oceanic Canal

Nicaragua and the Inter-Oceanic Canal

Prepared for the Nicaragua Network / Alliance for Global Justice in July 2015 by Katherine Hoyt

A waterway across Nicaragua has been a dream that the country has been unable to let go of:

*Trade networks of Nicaragua’s indigenous inhabitants used Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) and the San Juan River to cross the continent before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1524.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (September 8, 2015)

1. Canal in the news: Kwok interview, Journal “Nature” letter, archeology at risk
2. Thirty-sixth anniversary of Army celebrated
3. Man shoots at Wednesday opposition political rally
4. Conflict between indigenous and settlers results in two deaths
5. Petrocaribe summit meets in Jamaica
6. Nicaragua’s economic advances confirmed by two international reports
7. Health care access means more childhood cancers diagnosed
8. UNFPA releases Nicaragua population statistics

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Service Trips to Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Network has received the following announcement from Compas de Nicaragua:

Compas de Nicaragua: promoting cultural exchange and improving lives through service trips and sustainable community development
Compas de Nicaragua is currently organizing service trips and internships to Nicaragua for 2016.  Compas offers trips to churches, high schools, universities and organizations.  Personalized trips are also available to groups, individuals and families.  Our unique trips offer volunteers the opportunity to live and work side by side our Nicaraguan partners on sustainable community development projects. 

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