Nicaragua News Bulletin (March 22, 2016)

1. World Court rules in favor of Nicaragua
2. Economic briefs: remittances and energy news
3. Right-wing Congress members meet with US Central America ambassadors
4. Businesses, civil society and government join new United Nations goals
5. Caribbean Coast Briefs: Highway construction; Autonomy Law amended
6. National Assembly condemnation of US generates fierce debate
7. Disaster drill mobilizes more than one million

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (March 15, 2016)

1. Nicaragua marks International Women’s Day
2. Women workers and business owners confront problems
3. Canal briefs: more archeological discoveries; Bill Wild interview; medical teams; Fortune and Forbes articles
4. Volcanic eruptions and earth tremblers continue; National Geographic to film
5. Political briefs: M&R poll; electoral observers; Obando as Hero of Peace; Cabezas retires
6. Government responds to pine beetle destruction
7. Zika cases remain few in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (March 8, 2016)

1. Government opens talks with economic sectors about joining TPP
2. Remembering Chavez on third anniversary of his death
3. Volcanoes still active; NASA highlights satellite photo of Momotombo
4. Community health care model is fighting Zika
5. Lobster diving extended but on the decline
6. Low oil prices cutting into recycling efforts
7. Nicaraguan sign language unique; new web site inaugurated
8. Transportation news briefs

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MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2016

Berta Caceres: Indigenous leader one more victim of US-approved coup

The Alliance for Global Justice is outraged that almost seven years after the Obama White House and Clinton State Department supported a military coup in Honduras to oust its democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya, Hondurans continue to be killed for political reasons. This time it is our friend and indefatigable indigenous rights and environmental activist, Berta Caceres. March 4, would have been her 45th birthday. 

Berta was the founder and General Coordinator of COPINH, the Lenca indigenous rights and environmental organization that has fought bravely against the coup-spawned governments and transnational corporate land grabs in indigenous territories for mine, dam, and tourist projects. The government response has been to attempt to criminalize COPINH and its leaders. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued “protective orders” to the government of Honduras to protect Berta’s life in the face of numerous death threats. The current de facto government of Juan Orlando Hernandez ignored the protective orders and in the wee hours of March 3, 2016, at least two armed men broke into her home and shot her dead. Now the Honduran government may be attempting to frame another COPINH leader in the murder.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (March 1, 2016)

1. Political news shorts
2. Five volcanoes active in Nicaragua
3. Caribbean Coast briefs
4. Mosquito abatement efforts keep Zika cases low
5. Government seeks investments to speed up reforestation
6. Police investigating cases of sexting
7. Solar expands despite low oil prices

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Call your Member of the House of Representatives to say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

TAKE ACTION NOW: Please call (202) 224-3121 (the Capitol Switchboard) now and urge Congress to say NO to the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). If you are unsure who your member is in the House of Representatives, look it up here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ [You can also call your representative’s local office.]

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (February 23, 2016)

1. Nicaragua mourns Fr. Fernando Cardenal
2. Three volcanoes continue active
3. Government releases report on achievements in 2015
4. Assembly elects Salinas and Moreno to Supreme Electoral Council
5. Labor and industry shorts
6. Government asks UNDP to change its ways
7. Government releases prisoners convicted of “minor offenses”

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Join a delegation of the Alliance for Global Justice in 2016!

2016 Latin America Delegations
Alliance for Global Justice



Email delegations@AFGJ.org for applications or further information.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (February 16, 2016)

1. Four active volcanoes cause concern
2. National Assembly to elect new members to Supreme Electoral Council
3. Anti-Zika efforts continue; cases reach 65
4. UN reports improvements in water and sewer access
5. Clean energy exported but threatened
6. Departing Russian envoy marks new initiatives; remembers past aid
7. Important cultural activities held throughout country
8. La Prensa hints it wants more US interference
9. MINSA seeks earlier child cancer diagnoses

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (February 9, 2016)

1. Nicaragua commemorates 100th anniversary of Rubén Darío’s death
2. US steps up opposition funding in advance of presidential election
3. Massive campaign against mosquitos; 38 Zika cases confirmed
4. IMF and WB issue positive evaluations of economy
5. Government releases “Plan for Good Government 2016”
6. Labor, government and businesses agree on minimum wage increase
7. Government issues new safety measures for boats after Little Corn Island tragedy
8. Ortega has highest approval ratings in Latin America
9. Illegal animal sales continue in spite of law

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