Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 12, 2016)

(The News Bulletin will not come out for the weeks of Jan. 19, 26, and Feb. 2.)

1. Analysts discuss nine years of Daniel Ortega’s second presidency

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (January 5, 2016)

1. Canal briefs: Archeologists find ancient artifacts; Evangelicals release statement; international media covers canal
2. Cuban migrants to begin leaving Costa Rica soon
3. Nicaragua expected to reach US$2,000 per capita in 2016
4. Centennial of Dario’s death to be commemorated in 2016
5. Health Ministry reports on illnesses
6. Forest monitoring needed says Humboldt Center
7. More people traveled to Nicaragua in 2015
8. Nicaraguan children detained by Mexico less than 0.25% of child migrants detained

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Delegation to Nicaragua: Food Sovereignty & Agroecology

 June 20 - July 1, 2016

While mainstream US media tends to focus on the poverty in Nicaragua, social movements and local community organizing in this Central American nation are alive and well.  Nicaragua is the regional gathering place for La Via Campesina, a global movement made up of rural peoples, small farmers, and indigenous communities.  This movement coined the term “food sovereignty” in resistance to the corporatization and industrialization of the food system.  La Via Campesina sees agroecology, a form of low-input sustainable agriculture, as a pillar of building food sovereignty.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 29, 2015)

1. Nicaraguans celebrate a tranquil Christmas
2. SICA reaches agreement on Cuban migrants
3. Monitoring of volcanoes continues; government holds final disaster drill of 2015
4. Economic briefs: Inflation rate remains low; five years of 4% growth; hotel employment up; fires at two cigar plants
5. Goals for clean energy on track
6. Officials struggle to preserve forests in three zones
7. Ranchers switching to biogas from wood and propane

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Nicaragua Network: 36 Years of Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua

In February the Nicaragua Network will celebrate 37 years of work to build peace and friendship between the people of Nicaragua and the United States. We were founded on Feb. 24, 1979, in solidarity with the struggle of the Nicaraguan people to overthrow the dictator Somoza. We educated people about the Sandinista Revolution in the 1980s with our telephone Hotline and other publications. We organized against US aid to the contras, helping match the lethal aid the Congress appropriated with humanitarian aid to provide education and healthcare. We took tens of thousands of US residents to Nicaragua to pick coffee and cotton, to build houses, schools and health centers. We brought Nicaraguans to the US to educate our neighbors.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 22, 2015)

1. World Court issues ruling on two cases between Nicaragua and Costa Rica
2. Violence of colonizers against Miskitos continues
3. National Assembly ends legislative session
4. Three volcanoes currently active in Nicaragua
5. Petrocaribe under discussion
6. Economic briefs: Best retirement havens; report on growth; more air travelers
7. Accused in October violence are released to house arrest for the holidays

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 15, 2015)

1. Nicaragua refuses to join in approval of climate accord
2. Nicaragua’s volcanoes under study
3. Cuban migrants remain in Costa Rica
4. Conversion to disease resistant coffee damaging environment
5. Miskitos driven into Honduras by armed settlers; no government response
6. IDB praises Sandinista government, loans money for rural roads
7. Institute for the History of Nicaragua and Central America announces on-line catalogue
8. Economic briefs: Oil bill down; Walmart opens super store; new cigar factory

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Nicaraguan Canal with Nicaragua Network Co-Coordinator on WNPR

Katherine Hoyt, National Co-coordinator of the Nicaragua Network, was in Connecticut to participate in a panel organized by the Hartford-Ocotal Sister City Project on the Nicaraguan canal project. While there she was interviewed on a radio program at WNPR in Hartford, Connecticut, discussing the canal. 

Where We Live, the WNPR program hosted by John Dankosky, "is a talk show about Connecticut, New England, the United States, and the planet (sometimes even beyond)." The November 13th program was entitled "China: A Common Thread in Conversations About Policy, Economy, Environment" and participants included, besides Hoyt, Xiangming Chen, Ren Yuan, and Farzam Kamalabadi.  

The discussion of the Nicaraguan canal is the second interview, about 20 minutes into the program. Click here to listen: http://wnpr.org/post/china-common-thread-conversations-about-policy-economy-environment#stream/

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 8, 2015)

1. Momotombo volcano erupts with ash and lava flows
2. Nicaragua celebrates the “Purísima”
3. Ortega sends message to Maduro after elections
4. Caribbean Coast investment increases; shipwrecked crew rescued
5. Renewable energy electricity production hit 70% last weekend
6. National Assembly approves Sovereign Security Law
7. Nicaragua’s fight against HIV/AIDS makes headway
8. Municipalities ban GMOs, promote eco-agriculture

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (December 1, 2015)

1. Nicaragua asks for climate justice at Paris meeting
2. SICA meets but with no resolution of Cuban migrant question
3. HKND announces postponement of major canal construction until end of 2016
4. Women march to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
5. Debt relief savings turned to poverty reduction
6. More renewable energy from cane waste; workers still dying from kidney disease
7. Free internet reaches 70 municipalities
8. Telica volcano explosions diminishing

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