Nicaragua News Bulletin (November 17, 2015)

1. Antonio Lacayo and three others die in helicopter crash
2. Cuban migrants returned to Costa Rica
3. New US ambassador presents credentials; State Department official visits
4. Hearings held on proposed Sovereign Security Law
5. Nicaraguan and Salvadoran presidents meet to increase cooperation
6. Killers of police in South Caribbean Region sentenced
7. Government to give out thousands of property titles
8. Infrastructure projects improve living standards

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (November 10, 2015)

1. International FTZ conference held in Managua
2. Government approves canal Environmental Impact Study
3. Nicaragua prepares for the Paris environmental summit
4. Education news: registration for 2016 starts, universities get funding
5. Economic briefs: El Limon talks, World Bank lauds Nicaragua, new home sales up
6. Russia to assist in health efforts
7. Ortega receives credentials of new ambassadors

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NICARAGUA NOW from the NSC now available!

Read the Winter/Spring 2015-2016 edition of NICARAGUA NOW from our sister organization, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign of the United Kindom, with these interesting article:

What has happened with property claims and reparations related to the Sandinista Revolution and the US-backed contra war? What lessons for Cuba? Helen Yuill speculates

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (November 3, 2015)

1. Seven people reported injured in clashes during anti-canal march
2. IMF says “Nicaragua continues to show a favorable economic performance”
3. Caribbean Coast news: violence, hurricane drill, new Bilwi hospital, and more
4. Economic news: exports, beef, chocolate, cruise ship, sesame, rice
5. Civil Engineering conference focuses on building survival in natural disasters
6. Traffic Police begin use of radar and breathalyzers

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Critical Support: What Does It Mean for Solidarity with Latin America?

By Chuck Kaufman

Critical support for Left governments has been a hotly debated subject since long before I joined the US Latin America solidarity movement 28 years ago. The issue is particularly important today as the governments in countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) are under unprecedented attack from internal and external forces. I have no illusion that this short essay will lay to rest the debate, but I want to frame the issues and what is at stake.

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (October 27, 2015)

1. Marches scheduled; canal studies continue
2. El Limon Mine workers join dialogue; COSEP condemns violence
3. Electricity access expands while clean energy production increases
4. Budget for 2016 explained
5. House sub-committee hearing on Russian influence in Latin America
6. Economic briefs: good third harvest; banking activity up; 400,000 coffee harvest jobs
7. Prison system infrastructure improved
8. Groups demand law permitting therapeutic abortion

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (October 20, 2015)

1. El Limon Mine reopens after police clear barricades
2. M&R Consultores releases new poll
3. WikiLeaks book reveals magnitude of US funding of right-wing opposition
4. Budget for 2016 presented to National Assembly
5. Nicaraguan media outlet notes Sandinista mention in Democratic debate
6. Lake Cocibolca water quality improved by sixteen projects
7. AMNLAE teaches skills to at-risk youth in Granada

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (October 13, 2015)

1. Poverty rates continue to decline
2. Violence at El Limon leaves one police officer dead; blockade continues
3. Rancho Grande gold mining concession cancelled based on environmental impact
4. Former sugar cane workers protest violently in Chichigalpa
5. New US ambassador Laura Dogu presents credentials
6. Day of Indigenous and Black Resistance celebrated
7. Remittances and GDP poised to set new records
8. Government to build new sports complex

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Nicaragua News Bulletin (October 6, 2015)

1. Colombia and Nicaragua before the World Court – Again!
2. Canal survey plane crashes, killing pilot; media blitz on release of enviro study and Wang Jing’s finances
3. Latinobarometro poll shows best numbers in countries with left governments
4. Health Ministry declares war on mosquito-borne illnesses
5. Ortega calls for UN reforms and developed country commitments to meet development goals
6. Leader of sect awaiting end of world arrested
7. Campaign to keep pregnant teenagers in school
8. Children with handicaps benefit from riding rescued horses at La Mariposa
9. Trash to biofuel concession approved in Managua

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Paul Baker Hernandez East Coast Tour

“One Planet: One People. Inter-Dependence Now!
Refugees, Global Warming and the Dawn of Hope"

DECEMBER 8th – DECEMBER 27th, 2015

As the gathering storm of refugees fleeing war, rapine and global warming is met with ever-increasing fear and force by the West, ALBA--Latin America’s Fair Trade block based on mutual respect, financial democratization and care for the planet--offers an already-successful and humane way through the maelstrom - largely self-inflicted though it is through unjust trade and predatory violence. No wonder 'ALBA' translates as 'Dawn'! 

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